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In addition to roofing problems causing leaks and damaging people’s properties and roofs, chimney stacks also have a lot to answer for, and in many cases chimney stacks can prove to be very detrimental to a property.  Chimney stacks can cause leaks through perished lead work and flashings, and they can also leak if they haven’t been pointed adequately.  The obvious causes of the main amount of chimney damage derive from natural weathering and storm damage, which can unfortunately mean a chimney restoration or a complete chimney drop and re-build at any time of the year.  In addition the actual chimney itself can also cause damage not only to the roof, but bad weather can also cause loose chimney pots and poor flaunching around the top of the chimney stacks which in turn can mean falling obstacles.


When you contact us here at Ideal Roofing we will do a full and thorough assessment of your chimney stack and establish exactly what we feel will be the most appropriate step to take, with a full no obligation free quote on the work that needs carrying out.  In this day and age chimney stacks are largely used as more of a feature than actually serving a purpose, so where possible disused and dormant chimney stacks should be dropped and capped off to ensure that they are safe.


When the weather is severe chimney stacks can cause many problems so the team here at Ideal Roofing offer a viable solution for people with chimney stacks in Burnley, Blackburn, Rawtenstall and other surrounding areas.  We can take either measure completely dependent on the requirements of the customer. We can repair, restore, re-point and replensish your chimney stack in Burnley and get it back to the state of its former glory or we can remove it, cap it off and leave you in the knowledge that your roof line is safe for plenty of years to come.

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