Re-pointing & Re-bedding Ridge Tiles




As we all know ridge titles take a beating from the wind and the rain and can eventually can be weakened or sometimes even come loose. Now when it comes to fixing this problem there’s really only two options they can be taken into consideration, they can be removed or rebidded by our team who are highly experienced, very carefully and very cautious. They start by removing the tiles and cleaning the area and then adding a nice bed of mortar and gently rebedding the ridge titles back into place. From time to time it is often the case that people try to replace the tiles themselves or leave them alone thinking the problem will go away, should the tile fall off not only is that really dangerous, but also it leaves your house exposed to the wind and rain.


Instead of removing all of the tiles and having them all re-done, if your titles aren’t too badly damaged or loose, to prevent them from being made worse we can repoint them buy adding a line of support mortar then which can strengthen the ridge tiles. This protects from decay and weather by building up more support on the tiles.


Whilst on the subject of repointing another part of your roof which may need repointing is your chimney, by removing the crumbling bits of mortar and chiselling out any parts of cracked mortar and then adding mortar back to the areas that have experienced any damage this builds up and coating over the other areas, this builds up strength onto the chimney stack and protects against the wind and rain and making sure that future harm doesn’t come to your chimney stack. By neglecting your chimney stack, should it ever crumble and go during a storm it can cause big damage to your roof or anything that’s close by depending how far it was to crumble.


If you’re ever in need of repointing or a tile rebidding and in the Burnley region then ideal roofing are always happy to help.

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