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Here at Ideal Roofing as the name suggests the focal part of the business is specifically roofing, we have many years of experience specialising in roofing and that entails every type of roofing that you could possibly think, one of which is flat roofing.  We specialise in roofing repairs in Lancashire and also the installation of new flat roofs in Blackburn, Burnley, Clitheroe and many other surrounding areas in the North West.


Roof repairs do have a bad reputation for being expensive; this is generally down to unscrupulous individuals rather than the job in hand. If you choose a reputable roofing company in Burnley or surrounding areas, you will find the cost reflects the job in hand.  Flat roofing repairs however are generally not expensive or time consuming; it’s simply a matter identifying the extent of the problem, and with the advances in roofing materials these types of problems do not occur frequently and many roofing manufacturers like ourselves will offer long guarantees. If there are any problems with the material on the flat roof it can be easily repaired and as the actual structure of any flat roof is covered with water proof and weather proof tested material that is also bonded, there are rarely problems with the structure. If however there is slight damage it can be repaired generally easy, saving dramatically on materials and cost, and this is why many people have started to lean towards choosing a flat roof design from Ideal Roofing and other reputable roofing contractors in Burnley.


We specialise in flat roof in repairs, roof leak detections and complete flat roof construction, with expert knowledge in many high performance roofing systems including single ply roofing, fibre glass roofing and traditional felt roofing in the Lancashire area.  Our superior level of expertise and knowledge combined with our ability to rapidly rectify and solve roof problems has enabled us to successfully deal with even the most problematic of roofing repairs and roofing constructions.

So if you are based in Lancashire and need flat roof repairs in Blackburn, flat roofing construction in Burnley or just generally looking for roofing contractors in Lancashire and nearby areas in the North West then give us a call and arrange for a free quote today.

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